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The automotive industry has experienced notable transformations in recent years, driven by trends such as reshoring, EVs, and digitalization. COVID kicked off reshoring initiatives as companies recognize the strategic advantages of localizing production, enhancing supply chain resilience, and reducing dependencies on overseas suppliers. Concurrently, the rise of EVs has revolutionized the sector, with global sales soaring and manufacturers investing heavily in EV technology and infrastructure. Moreover, digitalization has become a cornerstone of automotive innovation, with technologies like IoT, AI, and data analytics revolutionizing manufacturing processes, enhancing efficiency, and fostering product innovation. At our Automotive Division, we are committed to helping organizations navigate these industry shifts effectively. Whether you’re a large Tier 1 supplier looking for expertise in a specific element of IATF16949 or a small Tier 3 supplier that needs help complying with more basic requirements – we can help. 
Specializing in IATF16949 Auditing & Consulting Services, we ensure that your operations align with industry standards and best practices. Our team of Auditors & Consultants brings extensive industry experience and holds the highest certifications. With a strategic presence in key automotive regions worldwide, including emerging EV markets like China and India, we provide localized expertise and support on short notice. Partner with us to capitalize on the opportunities presented by reshoring, electric vehicles, and digitalization in the automotive industry.

Our Experts Drive Your Competitive Advantage

Our people share perspectives gained from decades of dedicated industry focus and thousands of engagements. They speak your language. They understand your world. Their industry insights provide you with a truly distinctive edge.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Our specialized network of IATF16949 Automotive experts allows us to provide our clients with local auditors. This is a distinguishing feature of our service. We know our clients prefer a local auditor/consultant because it allows mutually beneficial long term relationships and helps us reduce our lead time when scheduling audits. Perhaps most importantly, we know you’d rather spend your limited resources hiring the most qualified experts, not paying for travel expenses.


Proven Expertise

Our Auditors & Consultants are credentialed by industry leading organizations including Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) & ASQ and have a broad range of real-world experience, education, and backgrounds. For our clients, this means you’ll get insight and access to best practices you can’t find elsewhere.

We utilize a proprietary system for qualifying auditors and monitoring performance to ensure that you always receive the highest level of service. You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with an auditor who meets your specific needs. 


Guaranteed Satisfaction

We’re so confident in our ability to meet your needs that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, if you aren’t happy with the service we provide, give us one chance to make it right. If we can’t get it right the next time – we will refund your money. Plain and simple.


We provide the Automotive Industry with worldwide IATF16949 Auditing & Consulting services to improve efficiencies, mitigate risks, and increase compliance with industry regulation.

Internal Auditing

Supplier Auditing

Compliance Consulting

Internal Auditing

We provide companies with an objective assessment of their own IATF16949 Quality Management System relative the requirements of the standard and industry best practices. The scope all internal audits are tailored to specific our client’s needs and requirements. Automotive suppliers contract us to perform their internal audit program for many reasons, but the top 4 reasons are:

  • Better Resource Utilization: Everyone is trying to do more with less these days and we understand your have key personnel working on competing priorities. Internal Auditing is an area that is easy to outsource to free up internal resources and it is not particularly costly.
  • Identification of Best Practices: Our auditors have seen the implementation of IATF16949 at hundreds of companies and the knowledge we’ve amassed in house is a powerful tool we provide to our clients to improve their systems.
  • Access to Expertise: It is expensive and time consuming to become an expert in IATF16949 and almost a full time job to keep abreast of industry trends. Many clients tell us their employees already wear too many hats and outsourcing internal audits is one way to let employees focus on other duties. For small organizations, this is an even bigger challenge – as they may entirely lack the expertise. Our auditors are IATF16949 experts who can impart their knowledge on your organization and help drive continuous improvement efforts.
  • Guaranteed Impartiality: Section 9.2 of TS16949 requires that auditors are impartial of the areas being audited which is can often be a challenge. Engaging our certified auditors to perform your internal audit removes any potential doubts about auditor impartiality.

Supplier Auditing

We see the interconnected supply change as one of the biggest risks to the industry moving forward and want to help you better prepare for the next “black swan” event. Industry leaders continue to advocate enhanced supply networks. Supplier Auditing is an essential tool to mitigate risks and ensure requirements of IATF16949 are applied throughout the supply chain. Some of the key driving factors clients select Quality Auditing include:
  • Risk Mitigation: According to various industry reports and analyses, an estimated 80% to 90% of automotive companies experienced disruptions in their supply chains due to the pandemic. These disruptions stemmed from various factors such as factory closures, workforce shortages, logistics challenges, and fluctuating demand patterns. This is only the second time a decade that the industry has been impaced. In 2011, 42% of automotive suppliers were impacted by the Japanese earthquake. Both higlight the need better prepare for the next major disruption.
  • Expertise: There is a new crop of high-tech suppliers to the automotive industry that is being driven by innovation in computers, software, and hybrid technologies. Our auditor network spans beyond automotive and across high-tech industries allowing us to offer auditors with expertise in technology that is new to the automotive industry.
  • Scalability & Rapid Deployment: Increased calls for dual sourcing arrangements along with new supplier locations to support emerging industries is resulting in an increased need to qualify suppliers quickly. Our large auditor base allows for rapid scaling up & down to meet these demands.
  • Cost Control: Global automotive demand is changing. In 2007, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) accounted for 30 percent of global profits. In 2012, that share rose to nearly 60 percent, as sales in these regions rose 65 percent and outpaced growth in Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea. More than half of this growth came from China, which means supply chains are adapting and supplier locations changing. Our network of auditors can serve as your eyes and ears in these markets without the added expense of travel.

We can conduct audits of your supply chain to the requirements of IATF16949, MAQSMR, ISO 9001, and/or in-house requirements you may have. The audit will provide systematic and constant monitoring of your supplier’s systems, and help companies to mitigate supply chain risk and implement continual improvement. The scope of our supplier auditing services can range from performance of a single audit to management of an entire supplier auditing program, including corrective action and follow-up.

Training and Compliance Consulting

We know that initially, IATF16949 implementation and supplier auditing measures cost money and eat into margins – so helping determine an appropriate level of investment risk mitigation is essential. We provide training to organizations interested in improving performance, minimizing risk, and avoiding the costly consequences of poor quality. We offer customized training solutions for a wide variety of conformance and improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, performance excellence, in addition to our focus on IATF16949 and ISO 9001 training. The Automotive Division provides consulting to support the needs of your company. We are well suited to collaborate with you to ensure that we deliver marked improvements to your existing processes and exceed your expectations. We are available for work on projects of all sizes and look forward to the opportunity to develop a long term strategic partnership.

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An industry-leading audit process customized for you​

We have developed and refined a systematic, phased approach for outsourced auditing to ensure the best audit results and we look forward to working with you to tailor this process to your specific requirements.

We have found the key to successful partnerships is communication and flexibility throughout the process. The typical process we follow looks like this:


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